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In June of 2005, the South Carolina Department of Agriculture initiated an effort to create a non-profit organization that would assist in marketing and promoting South Carolina agricultural products and the overall industry of agriculture within South Carolina.  The South Carolina Advocates for Agriculture consists of a diversified group of business people representing various areas and organizations directly associated with agriculture within our state.  Our members have a vested interest in agriculture in South Carolina and are dedicated to improving an already strong state agriculture.


Since the inception of this organization in 2005, the Advocates have met periodically throughout each year, and the group has undertaken several projects including involvement in selling note cards, working with the primary entities which operate the annual Carolina Q Cup and an auction of various items contributed by many within the organization and closely associated with SC agriculture.  To date, the Advocates have raised over $1,330,678 and contributed all funds, with the exception of an insignificant amount needed to cover our operating costs, to very worthy causes.​


As a pro-agricultural organization created for the purpose of supporting South Carolina agriculture, the Advocates are very fortunate to have the strong support of the SC Department of Agriculture which has always been available for assistance when needed. 


The Advocates remain open to any ideas you might have as to future fundraisers to benefit SC agriculture.  Should you have a suggestion for a potential future project, please advise our group.  Our members hope you enjoy and benefit from the information provided on our website, and if the opportunity presents itself, please support agriculture in anyway you can throughout our fine state.


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SC Advocates for Agriculture President

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